1. Open Mike Eagle returns to Chicago after crossing the burning sands of the interstate pushing the new 4NML HSPTL LP, and represents with some of the finest talent that the City of Wind has to offer on the mic device. Special guests include Vic Spencer (celebrating The Walk Away Music release), Calez, Denmark (of Crown Nation), The Boy Illinois, Milo (WI), BRKF$T Club and Julian Malone. Sound curation for the evening is provided by Uncle El (Push Beats), Radius (Beyond Luck, Lagos) and Ryan. Hosted by Mr. Aquil (Animate Objects), GY312 and Basis of Perpetual Rebel. We are riding the downslope of summer with a bang! 2 stages of killer Chicago shit on a Thursday evening. Doors at 9pm…we stop when you stop being that this is the last destination of the tour!  See you August 9th, Chicago.

    Brought to you by the fine people at GoWhereHipHop.com, Quennect 4 (que4.org), Perpetual Rebel, GY312 and Mr. Aquil.
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    4 Days and a wake up…
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    let’s go? please?
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    This looks fucking dope.
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    I’m not from Minneapolis, tho.
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