1. Vic Spencer & Tree “VicTree” [Promo Video]



    We get a promotional video of a forthcoming collaboration project between Vic Specer and MC Tree with “VicTree”. Tree’s Soul Trap track record speaks for itself with the likes of his solo projects as well as production made on TreeSwag and SoulTree, we can expect something game changing from both Chicago artists.

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  2. Blum - Sleep Heart

  3. First physical hip-hop album I’ve bought in years. Shouts to @brownsvilleka and Preservation (and @dart_adams)

  4. TIMBO KING - Somethings Got To Give

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  5. 22. Vic Spencer – Vision Pipes

    A last minute entry comes from Vic Spencer and Chicago-bred TDE producer Rocket, who whipped up a stellar new EP titled Vision Pipes, just days before press time. Dope spacey beats, with the aggressive bite of Vic’s bars made for a great listening experience — one that’s just a bit too short. These two need to go ahead and plan a full length together. We haven’t had much time to sit with Vision Pipes yet, so look for it to rise in the ranks on our year end list.


  7. Syl Johnson-Is It Because I’m Black

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  8. Here We Go - Minnie Riperton

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  10. Tiny Hearts - Centerfold

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  11. Vic Spencer let loose a promo record today, She Is (part 2), which is produced by TDE’s in-house producer, Rocket. You may have heard Rocket on ScHoolboy Q’s His & Her Fiend which also featured SZA. Rocket produced that as well.

    Now Vic Spencer & Rocket has created a project entitled Vision Pipes which is slated to drop 7/4/14.

    “I heard of Rocket through him and D-Win’s project Stylish Shoes & Colored Jeans about 4-5 years ago” Spencer says during a recent interview about the project. “And I always loved the production on that entire project. But the one song that stood out the most was She Is, which only had Rocket on it. And I wanted to work with him pretty much after that..” I guess you can say ideas really come true if you attack it enough.

    Vic heads to the Mixed by DC Headquarters which is located at The Complex in Chicago to record She Is (part 2), where it seems Vic is going ham on rappers that are “Ye clones” and not being themselves. Download the record and be ready to see the light through Vision Pipes July 4th, 2014.

  12. w-oman-and-m-achine:

    Music Percussion Computer Electronics MPC-1 Analogue Drum Machine

    demo - youtube.com/watch?v=1I1nvJBgXgY


  13. Denmark feat Quelle Chris - Green Party Swishercrat

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  14. metropolitantirade:

    For years, I have been fascinated with the concept of currency and celebrity (power and fame), the value we put behind it, and its ultimate effect on our moralistic values as human beings. At several stages in my life, the chase of said currency was thought of to be “the great…

  15. Spinning tonight at the Punch House. 9-until. Come eff with the god. 1227 w. 18th st. No cover. (at Punch House)